Printing Planner Inserts & pages

Please find some helpful tips below to make printing my files from home a little easier and less daunting. For big/long documents I always recommend having them printed commercially at your local copy shop or office supplier, to save you on time and ink.


  • Please only use Acrobat Reader to view and print my files.
  • Download Acrobat Reader for FREE here.
  • Download your purchased file(s) to your computer, by following the link in your email.
  • Once your file is on your computer, make sure you are opening it up in Adobe Reader (your printer will NOT center your printable(s) if you are not printing from this program)


  • Colours may appear different on screen than when printed.
  • Be sure to print at ACTUAL SIZE or 100%. To get the size listed, make sure that your printer does not ‘re-size’, ‘scale to fit’ or ‘fit to page’.
  • Please Note: Some full colour designs uses A LOT of INK! Consider having these printed commercially or understand that your ink may be heavily depleted, when printing from home.
RECOMMENDED PAPER: 32lb (120gsm) bright white


  • For A4/ US Letter size printables, just print these on your normal printer pages to suit your planner/binder - they will NOT require trimming afterwards.
  • They do not include trim marks for this reason.
  • Other sizes: Print on A4/ US Letter size pages and trim on the marks provided. Be sure to print at ACTUAL SIZE or 100%. To get the size listed, make sure that your printer does not ‘re-size’, ‘scale to fit’ or ‘fit to page’.


  • Trim marks are provided to help you trim your printable to fit your planner/binder.
  • Use a steel ruler and craft knife, paper trimmer or guillotine to trim your pages.

PRO TIP:  Do not cut all the way through the page from top to bottom or left to right, but rather cut only from trim mark to trim mark and lift your final size page “out” of the cuts, that way you will never lose any  trim marks!


  • I include options as spreads (2 designs per page) ONLY where possible.
  • This is the most economical/ environmentally friendly option, to help save on paper.


  • Some pages may be formatted to print double sided.
  • Make sure your printer paper is correctly seated in the slot or tray
  • First, print only the odd number pages.
  • After printing, flip the pages on long/short edge (depending on your printer). As all printers are different they can feed the paper in different ways. I highly recommend doing a test print before printing an entire planner’s worth of pages.
  • Reload the paper.
  • Lastly, print only the even number pages.


  • For Dividers/Inserts, I prefer to have them on their own, with nothing on the back and printed on thicker card/paper than the rest of my pages. Personal Preference!

RECOMMENDED PAPER FOR INSERTS: 110lb (300gsm) bright white card stock (or the thickest your printer can handle)


I have a few A4/ US Letter size designs where the colour goes right up to the edge OR if you are printing on pre-trimmed pages.

  • These designs may look best if using ‘border-less’ printing.
  • If border-less is not selected the pages will print with a thin white border.
  • Some printers may not have a ‘border-less’ option – please check that your printer can do border-less printing before purchasing, or accept that there will be a white border.
  • Pages with a white background will not require this!


  • If white lines appear throughout your printout, you are probably low on ink. Please replace/refill your ink cartridge.
  • Is your paper getting stuck often? As a rule you should always make sure the type of paper is supported by your printer. Also store your paper where it’s dry, to avoid moisture that can make printing difficult.
  • Really bad/blurry looking prints? All my files are saved at 300dpi, high resolution and TESTED. Please make sure your printer is printing at High Resolution/best quality (under Preferences/Properties/Advanced or Output Tabs).

PLEASE NOTE: I do not provide technical support for your printer. My guide is intended to help you with the basics for printing my files only. If you need more help, please watch some of the great videos posted on YouTube.


These are all products that I recommend and use affiliate links - this means that I will get a commission if you purchase using my links, at no extra cost to you.

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