How to identify fonts

How often have you seen a lovely font and wanted to use it too, but did not know what it was?

Below are some options on how to Identify fonts via different websites.

How do these websites work?

These sites require you to upload an image (either a screen shot, scan or photo) with the font in question and the site will identify the fonts that match from their database. You need to have a pretty clear image, preferably black and white and not too busy (i.e. lots of things in the background). It is not always correct and they will suggest alternatives, which may or may not look similar!

Sites to try:

View all your installed fonts:

You may already have the font you’re looking for, look through all your installed fonts with:

You can also identify a font from livetext on a web page

The Website WhatFonthas an easy to use bookmarklet, for Safari and Chrome. The software adds a small f? button to the left of the address field in your browser. Click the button, mouse over the font you want to identify and information about that font will be shown.

If these tools fail you…

Some font websites have helpful forums that you can post your image to. Unfortunately, you may have to wait for someone to answer you on the forums, so if it's urgent, it may be a problem.

There are also a few popular Facebook groups you could join:

What's this font

What font is this

Make sure you have a commercial license if you are using a font on anything that you are being paid for!

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